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1) How do I soak out my casings?

Casings should be soaked for a couple of hours but for best results the casings should be soaked overnight in a refrigerator in fresh water.

Rushing the soaking process can result in the casing being sticky and they may not slide easily from the horn. This may result in breakage and sausage that is irregular in diameter.

Flushing the inside of the casings also helps and allows the casing to slide on and off the horn with ease.  To do this open the end of the casing and dip it into a bowl of water allowing a bubble of water to enter the casing.  Pull the casing out of bowl and the water bubble will flow down casing until it comes out the other end. 

2) How do I store my casings?

Any leftover casings can be covered in salt or a brine solution and kept in the fridge. The casings may also be frozen.

3) I have received my casings, they smell. Can I still use them?

Yes. Our casings are flushed and cleaned thoroughly before sending out our customers.

When your natural casings first arrive there may be some gas build up in the packaging, especially in hot weather. This can smell pretty strong, usually all it needs is airing out.

Leave the packaging open in the refrigerator for a while. Or, take the casings out of the packaging and air them out. If this doesn’t clear all the smell then rinse casings in fresh water and the smell will usually dissipate.

4) What is the shelf life of natural casings?

 Salted casings or casings in brine: 6 months. The casings may also be frozen.

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