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"For as long as man has been carnivorous, the intestinal tract of meat animals has been used for sausage casings. A large variety of sausage is produced world-wide using the processed intestines of pigs, sheep, goats and cattle."


Sausage making has now evolved into a highly specialised business, with processors ranging in size from independent “mom & pop” shops producing one-of-a-kind gourmet sausages, to multi-million dollar “mega-processors” producing millions of pounds of product each and every week. Qualities are determined in several precise and labour-intensive ways.

In many respects “Sausage” is know to be the oldest form of processed meat. Some even consider it to be the very first convenience food. History tells us that sausages were invented by the Sumerians around 4,000 BC. Cooked meat was stuffed in a goat stomach like sausage.

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